A Subway Surfer Hack for Unlimited Coins that Works Every Time

Subway Surfers is one of the most played games on Android devices. This speaks to its popularity, but without the changes in scenery every month, the game tends to get a bit repetitive and boring. To combat this, unlimited coins can be helpful. Having as many coins as possible means that players can constantly buy near gear and powers for their characters. Below you will find instructions for using the Lucky Patcher app to get unlimited coins for Subway Surfers.

Please note that for this hack to work, you will have to lose your previous version of Subway Surfer. This means that all that hard work you have put into the game will be lost, but don’t worry. You won’t miss those things at all when you have everything in the store at the end of this hack.

A Subway Surfer Hack for Unlimited Coins that Works Every Time

  1. Download Lucky Patcher App

The first step to this hack for download Subway Surfers hack apk is to download the Lucky Patcher app. You can find this app in the Google Play store.

  1. Modify Subway Surfer

Begin by making sure your Subway Surfer game is not running on your device. Open the Lucky Patcher app and select the Subway Surfer option. From the drop down menu that appears, select “Open Menu for Patches.” Then select “Create Modified APK Files.” From the next pop up window select “APK rebuilded for InApp and LVL emulation.” Another pop up window will appear. Do not click or unclick any of the boxes. Simply select “Rebuild the App.”

  1. Install APK File

After Lucky Patcher is finished rebuilding the app, a new pop up will occur. Hopefully the first to options say success. Options three and four don’t matter. At the bottom of this pop up select “Go to File.” Click on the file and then select “Uninstall and Install” from the pop up that appears. When the settings for the game appear, go through the motions to first uninstall the game and then install the game again.

  1. Get your free coins

Open the Subway Surfer game. You will now need to go through the beginning set-up of the game and tutorial once more. Once you are finished with the tutorial, you can die and return to the home page. Open the shop and select an item you wish to buy. Hit the purchase button even if you don’t have enough coins. Every time you attempt to purchase a new item, Lucky Patcher will present a pop up window. Simply choose the “yes” option in this window and your new item will appear along with a lot of coins for you to use. If you happen to run out of coins, just buy more in the store.

As a final note, to earn and buy keys you will need to go through two or three lives. This may be difficult for you as you are almost certainly unbeatable with the best of everything at your fingertips. Unfortunately, if you want the keys, you are going to have to die a couple of times.

With this cheat, you can now have the most expensive character, board, and outfits to make Subway Surfer more interesting to play. Enjoy!


How to Buy and get Google Play Codes

Google Play codes are now essential to every Google and Android user. The days of free apps and games seem to be in the distant past. Today users are expected to spend their hard earned money on Google Play codes in order to purchase apps and games for their devices. Here is a guide to purchasing these codes to give to friends or family.

There are three options for purchasing Free Google Play Codes. 1. Buy a gift card in the store. 2. Buy a physical gift card online. 3. Buy online credit.

How to Buy and get Google Play Codes


  1. Buy a physical gift card in a store

The first, and best option according to Google, is to buy a gift card to give to your friend or family member in the store. To begin this process, first visit play.google.com. Here you will find a navigation list on the left hand side of the page. At the bottom of that list is an option called “Buy gift card.” Click on this option and a page will appear telling you which stores sell Google Play Gift Cards and codes in your country. Now all you need to do is go to one of these stores, pick a denomination (usually sold in values of 10, 15, 20, 25, and 50 in Western currencies), and give the card to your friend or family member. He or she will be able to use this card to add credit to their Google Play account and therefore purchase fun games and useful apps.

  1. Buy a physical gift card online

As fair warning, this option is only available in some countries. Buying a gift card to give to a friend or family member online is a great option as you can have the card mailed to the recipient or to yourself depending on circumstances. To begin, visit play.google.com. At the left hand side, find the navigation list. At the bottom of the list, click on “Buy gift card.” A new screen will appear with Google’s options for buying Google Play Gift Cards and Codes. Scroll down until you see an option in the middle of the page called “Buy online.” In the middle of this text, a link appears called “online retail partners.” Click on this blue link and a pop-up window will appear showing stores that sell physical gift cards online. Simply select a store from the pop-up window, click on the link for that store, and go through that site’s process for purchasing products online. The card will be mailed directly to you or to the recipient of your choosing who will be able to us the Google Play Gift Card to add credit to their Google Play account.

  1. Buy online credit

Sometimes buying a physical gift card is not the right choice for you. Waiting for the official physical gift card can be inconvenient and too slow. There are a few websites that allow you to buy online Google Play Codes and credit. These websites are not officially approved by Google, but do work. To find these options, simply go to ebay.com. In Ebay’s search box, search for “Google Play gift card.” A list of options will appear that should allow you to bypass ordering an actual gift card and instead receive Google Play codes to give to your recipient or to use for yourself. Your recipient will be able to use these codes to add credit to their Google Play account.


Any of the above options are sure to adequately help you to purchase a Google Play gift card or codes. The recipient of your gift will surely be happy to have the credit. Google Play codes make the perfect gift for all Google and Android users.

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