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How to detect and avoid fraudulent payday loan lenders

How to detect and avoid fraudulent payday loan lenders

Digital banking is effective, convenient and easy to use. The problem arises when there are numerous banking opportunities online. Fraudsters have created fake online banks to scam people and steal their identities. You should always be careful when applying for online payday quick loans.

Here is how you can detect scams and avoid them

They have unsecured websites

This is probably the fastest and easiest way to detect a fake payday loan lender.  A legitimate lender with a legal website should have some security certificates on their sites. Checking for the certificate is simple; all you have to do is click on the https website link and check for a security certificate and a security stamp.  The certificate and stamp will guarantee that the lender is legitimate and your information will be kept safe when you are using the website.

They ask you for an upfront fee

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Fraudulent lenders will ask you for an up-front fee before they offer you any services. Normally, people posing as lenders create fake websites and apps to steal from unsuspecting creating borrowers. The first thing you notice is that these lenders will ask you for a registration fee before an account for you. They also promise big loans with minimal interest rates.  You should avoid these types of scammers by logging out and blocking their websites as fast as you can. Always remember that creating an account in a payday loan website should be free and you should avoid any promises of lower interest rates. There are many true lenders who supply quick loans which are easy to find, you should read reviews and do your research beforehand.

Lenders asking for too much information

For some websites, lenders may not ask for an upfront fee but will try to scam you in other ways.  They ask too much information on your personal and financial life. They will collect all this information from unsuspecting borrowers and use it to steal from them. If they have enough information, they will log into your bank and withdraw all your money. They can also use the details to subscribe you to monthly paid online services. Filling long detailed forms is one of the signs of fraud. Check out the application form before you commit your information to any payday lender

No physical contacts or addresses on the web

Fraudsters do not put down any information on their websites.  Keep off websites with no physical contacts or any kind of contacts because the lender is most likely trying to hide some information. When they do not want personal contact, they have something to hind. You find that most of these websites are operated by unapproved lenders or simply people who are not in the same state as you are.

People posing as your payday lenders

Sometimes, you may borrow a payday loan successfully and from a legitimate lender, but that does not mean you are free from fraudsters. People will take your information by hacking a legitimate website and use it to demand repayment. The debt collectors call you and threaten to report you to our credit company. Ensure you are receiving the call from the right lender before wiring the money.


Payday loans are not your only option when looking for quick loans, why not look for another type of loan which has less fraudulent lenders. A personal loan is a larger loan which can offer you the same actions. for example, with both payday and personal loans, you can borrow and repay your loan monthly. Personal Loans is a legitimate lender who offers you loans up to £35,000. So, they are a lot larger than payday loans but you are still able to borrow £1,000. So, to find out more visit https://www.simplepersonalloans.co.uk/


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