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Payday loans VS short term conventional loans

Payday loans VS short term conventional loans

Cash loans have become more popular among people of all ages. As long as you have internet access, an ID and a bank account, you are eligible for this emergency loan from different lenders. There have been sparkling debates of whether payday loans are better than conventional short term loans. So are cash loans worth it?

Here are a few comparisons:

The credit score check

Short term loan lenders will check your credit score before they approve any loan applications. If you have a low credit score ranking, it will be difficult to get a substantial loan or any loan for that matter. A poor credit score means you have a bad credit history filled with late payments and unpaid loans. With a good credits score, you will receive a loan from most short term conventional lenders. Along with this, if you have a high credit score, your interest rates might be lowered. 

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The similarities in the application process

cash loans

The loan application process for a payday loan is easy; all you do is visit several websites on a computer or phone to find the perfect deals. You can do this anywhere at any time. When you have found the perfect lender you create an account on their website, filling in all the necessary details and finally apply for the loan and wait for feedback.

Similarly to a short term loan, the process is all online and can be accessed through a web-enabled device. As well as this, the feedback process is also the same in the sense that you enter all your details and then find out if you have been accepted. 

The qualifications

Getting a short term loan can be difficult in terms of qualifications.  You will need an identification card, a proof of income and employers contacts, collateral, credit score and a lot more personal information when applying for the loan. Without all these, you will not be eligible for short term conventional loans by most lenders.

Getting a payday loan is so easy; anybody can do it. The qualifications for this loan are not strict. You will need a valid identification card or driver’s licence for proof of citizenship and an active bank account where the lenders can deposit the money. You will not need collateral for this kind of loan.

The repayment method

A shorter loan has several repayment methods. You can choose a monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or yearly plan depending on the terms of the lender.  You will have to pay the amount set by the lender plus interest until you complete the loan amount.  The repayments may be made by the lender by taking it directly from your bank account before you can access the income.

With payday loans, the amount is to be paid weekly, daily, or full loan and interest as long as you beat the deadline. The lender has no access to the funds so you automatically pay the loan yourself

The final word

If you are facing an immediate emergency situation, then a payday loan will work best for you. short term conventional loan is good for business development because you receive a higher loan and have a longer period to pay it back. But, remember cash loans might not even be your best option. There are plenty of others out there which could offer you more. This could be borrowing from friends and family or even getting a personal loan. A personal loan is a larger loan which can be repaid in up to 6 years. Personal Loans offer a simple, quick and easy application making it convenient for you. 


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